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What Is Zoning?

Zoning uses automatic zone dampers that are placed in your ducts to control airflow  to certain rooms or zones of your home or office.  Each damper is controlled by its own thermostat, making controlling your heating & cooling as simple as it is to control your lights. 





Energy Savings:

Think about how you have a light switch for every room of the house, but typically only one thermostat. What costs more to operate, lighting or your HVAC System? On average HVAC is 55-65% of your monthly utility bill. Imagine being able to reduce this part of your utility bill 30% with zoning.

Comfort and Convenience:

Zoning allows you to precisely control the temperature in distinct areas of your home by placing a thermostat in each room (or zone.)  In most homes, you will find only one thermostat controlling the temperature for the entire house. That thermostat is usually located in a hallway and will keep the hallway at the temperature you set, but what about the rest of the house?  Other areas of the home fluctuate from too hot to too cold because they are controlled by the hallway thermostat.  Adding a zoning system allows a thermostat in each room (or zone) for individual temperature control and convenience. It also allows you to shut off unoccupied rooms, saving on energy.

Click Here to watch a video on zoning.  Learn the benefits & see how ZONEFIRST has simplified zoning, making it easier and faster than ever to install.  So easy, homeowners are installing it themselves!


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Zone Dampers:

ZD & Round Dampers

Take-off Dampers

Retro-Round Dampers

AOBD Dampers

By-pass Dampers

Outlet Dampers


HVAC Zoning Accessories:

Control Panels

Replacement Motors

Static Pressure Controls & Switches

Wireless Thermostats

Temperature Sensors




The Inventors of the Plug & Play Zoning System


We have made installing zoning so easy, homeowners are doing it themselves...


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ZONEFIRST is the first company that successfully developed and marketed HVAC Zoning Systems back in the 1950's and is today a leading manufacturer of HVAC zone dampers and zoning systems. Several other major zoning companies are in business due to ZONEFIRST.

It was in the mid 1950's when Richard Foster developed the first automatic motorized dampers, registers and diffusers that were thermostatically controlled. He marketed these products under the trade name Zone-A-Trol with another company when in 1964 he founded Trolex Corporation and the start of the well known trade name Trol-A-Temp. In 1999 the Trol-A-Temp brand was acquired by Honeywell.

Since that time, Trolex has continued to manufacture dampers for a number of OEMs. In 2004 Trolex re-entered the HVAC market as ZONE-A-TROL and later the ZONEFIRST trade name. This new name signifies the many firsts the company has developed in the HVAC industry. We were the first comany to develop automatic dampers, registers and diffusers for zoning, centralized zone controllers, the first zoning system to feature normally open dampers and the first to zone heat pumps in the early 1970's.

Being First Is Our Tradition!


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